A New Day Spain

I had the wonderful experience of living in Southern Spain from 2003 to 2012. I met some amazing people whilst I was there and was struck that so many of them have become involved in animal rescue of one sort or another.

The care of animals in parts of Spain causes serious concern and many northern Europeans have either joined Spanish organisations or have created their own. Within no time at all, they all become inundated with abandoned animals or have to deal with animals in distress. Whether it be cats, dogs, especially hunting dogs, donkeys or horses, many are working tirelessly rescuing and then caring for these animals, either setting up refuges, education projects, legal processes and contacts with other European countries. And of course this takes hard work and huge amounts of money. I take my hat off to them all.

I was privileged to meet Maria and Keith Bradford whilst I lived there. They are just ‘an ordinary’ couple who retired for a quiet life in inland Andalucia. They noticed the abandoned dogs and began to rescue them. They now run a huge rescue centre in Pedrera! It takes up ALL their time.

The refuge, A New Day Spain, was founded in April 2011 and their mission sounds simple. But it isn’t!

“Our aim is to provide food, shelter, health care, and ultimately, a new home for all the dogs in our refuge.”

They are a non-profit organisation. To raise some cash they run a market stall every Wednesday at an ‘English’ market. They have some volunteers, some raise cash for them and they have lots of followers on Facebook.

I am in awe of their hard work and dedication, which I know has taken a toll on their own health. But they keep on working at it. You would be staggered at the numbers of dogs they have in the refuge and in their own home at any one time. But they do rehome many of the dogs.

Sadly, in August, 2020, after a long illness, dear Keith passed away. That is a great loss, not only to Maria, but also to the refuge and the dogs. Maria has decided to continue with her amazing work. I salute this remarkable woman.

Update…2022. Maria has decided to return to the UK. Sadly, she has realised that she misses her family too much and has begun winding down the refuge. Over the months she has rehomed many of he precious furry guests and some have gone to other, specialised refuges. She will continue on until she has homes for all of the dogs. I shall continue supporting her until she is satisfied that she has found homes for all and returns to her family in the UK. I wish Maria all the luck in the world and support her fully.

Please help me raise money for them by either buying one of my paintings, some of my greetings cards or sending them a donation. I try to send them at least 80% of the money I raise from selling my paintings. Its the least I can do to help them.


Many, many thanks.

Galgos and Podenkos are the most common abandoned hunting dogs.

Bags or boxes of puppies are often found in the campo, the countryside, or near rubbish bins.

Some of the dogs have to have major surgery…which all costs money.

A scared little soul abandoned in the street.

One of the foster carers takes home a frightened soul.

Two brothers, Harry and Potter, arrive at their new home in Belgium.

Two brothers, Harry and Potter, arrive at their new home in Belgium.