Museums & Historic Sites

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Bring your site alive with story sessions and interactive characters. Through performance or interactive sessions, Kevin captures the time by recreating historic and literary incidents, characters and periods in time.

Bring your visitors back time and again by bringing the past to life with this evocative and thought provoking experience.

  • A themed event
  • A story walk
  • Stories behind paintings and other artwork
  • Characters coming ‘alive’
  • Drama sessions
  • Researching stories

Kevin Walker StorytellerKevin has worked all around the country working in museums and historic sites covering literary, historical and environmental projects with children, families and adult audiences.

He has been commissioned to write stories and scripts to enhance galleries and collections. The Hole in the Sky is a storybook commissioned by Bagshaw Museum to encourage
parents and children to explore an under used gallery in the museum by looking for the artefacts mentioned in the story.

The above list is by no means exhaustive, please contact Kevin to discuss other projects and ideas.

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