As a teller of stories, Kevin has performed at festivals and clubs around the UK and Europe, delighting audiences of children, families and adults.
Kevin Walker storyteller BBC
Festivals: Kevin has performed at story festivals large and small.
Story clubs: performances have been received well at story clubs situated in city centre pubs and country inns.
Kevin also set up the successful “Yard of Tales” storytelling club for adults, based at Joules Yard in Market Harborough and was the resident storyteller for over a year.
Kevin Walker Storyteller
Character storytelling: stories told by characters from history that make audiences truly ‘feel that moment’!
Performance Pieces: Kevin has several story performances for adults and teenagers that can be adapted to suit most performance spaces and time slots.
“Ancient and Modern” : A  collection of stories in two halves that delivers what it says on the tin!
“It started with a Dream” : A  piece that reflects the ethos and culture of Buddhism.
“A Whisker of Truth” : Gut wrenching stories and songs that will stay with you for some time!

It Started with a Dream
Join Kevin on a journey…. a journey that charts the rise and spread of Buddhism across the world…. but also, a personal journey, of his love of Buddhist culture and values. From a white elephant, a disfigured statue, and a monkey king, to a secret door and a mysterious tomb, “It Started with a Dream” will delight, entertain and move you.
A collection of tales taken from the Buddhist tradition. Come on a cultural and spiritual pathway that will raise your spirits and challenge your thoughts.
Kevin Walker Storyteller
“Thanks for a great night of storytelling last night Kevin at the Cambridge Storytellers. Until last night Buddhism seemed something far far away, but you brought it a bit closer and gave it a very human face!” Dave Tong…storyteller
“……thank you Kevin, for a great show!” Andrew Smith…audience member
“It was obvious from its first outing that this set of stories from Kevin was going to be very special. Told from the heart and also very entertaining” Honor Giles, Word of Mouth, Manchester

–And a brand new show telling alongside the wonderful Sophie Snell


Sophie Snell and Kevin Walker

“Births, Deaths and Marriages”
“Hatched, Matched and Dispatched!”
A collection of stories from the seven ages of “man”. Come and hear stories about falling in love with a prince, caught by a fish hook, misplaced love, standing on a goat and much much more…. as you have never heard them told before!!