Shadows and Light…the story of Oberon and the Kingdom of Faerie

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Curses are the most feared form of magic…..!

Combining magical stories collected from English, Irish, Continental and FAERIE lore, folk songs, and the wonderful words of Shakespeare and Joni Mitchell, Kevin creates the remarkable story of a remarkable man.

“Every picture has its shadows, And it has its source of light.”


Shadows and Light…..the story of Oberon, the King of Faerie.

This is the story of Oberon, a character that Shakespeare used in his famous play but who actually existed in Continental folk lore and has a fascinating story behind him! Using old documents, stories from Continental folk lore and Faerie Lore, folk songs and Joni Mitchell, Kevin tells, with the help of Oberon himself, his story.

“It was an exciting and varied evening, lots of graceful movement and discreet sensuality. Intricately woven themes and a touching and appealing stage presence, I enjoyed every moment. It was very different, and very engaging.”……..Audience member.


“What a special night at Liskeard Storytelling Cafe tonight. We were privileged to be among the first audiences for Kevin Walker’s new show “Shadows and Light” – the story of Oberon, King of the faerie. Little known tales of Oberon’s origins were interwoven with song. Echoes of familiar were plaited with the strange and wonderful as we moved from Greek Isles to France, from Heaven to Hell with angels, faerie and the pure of heart. Characters we thought we were familiar with turned out to be quite the opposite. And through it all we were in the physical presence of Oberon.  If you’re tantalised, then so you should be. A magical evening.  Many many thanks Kevin.”…audience member.


“It really was special. So glad that I was able to see Kevin’s performance, it was spellbinding, just as a tale of the faerie folk should be.”….audience member.

Shadows and Light is a storytelling performance lasting 70 minutes. It needs only a space…although lighting and atmospheric music can inhance the experience. It is a mixture of storytelling, unaccompanied singing and simple puppetry and is designed with an adult audience in mind.

If you need further information, please contact Kevin on…

Many thanks to… Katherine Soutar-Caddick for Oberon illustration

Bob Griggs and Mike O’Connell for the photographs.