Storytelling work in Spain and France


Christmas storytelling with High School students from Màlaga





Work in Schools


Kevin has a wealth of experience of working in schools in Spain. Telling in English, with a few helpful words of Spanish, he uses wonderful stories accompanied by actions, sounds, artefacts and drawings, to bring alive the storylines, themes and characters to help children and students not only enjoy and understand the stories but also to build up their confidence with the English language.
He has worked with children as young as five as well as students in High Schools.

Why not invite him into your school in France too. Stories can be designed for any age group. Stories help SO much with understanding of the English language.

The children or students will have tremendous fun, learn a whole new set of vocabulary, see new performance techniques and laugh, gasp and shudder as they follow the stories.

Work with teachers

Kevin has worked with large groups of teachers to introduce and equip them with the skills to use storytelling in their teaching of English and in other areas of the curriculum.
Find out more about his   “Putting down the Book” presentation and workshop session, designed for teachers. It is a fun and yet informative, three hour session of helpful ideas, academic validation, drama exersices and great stories to use in the classroom.