Testimonials & Press About Storytelling.

Audience comments after performances.

“It was an exciting and varied evening, lots of graceful movement and discreet sensuality. Intricately woven themes and a touching and appealing stage presence, I enjoyed every moment. It was very different, and very engaging.”
“Absolute delight to see the wonderful Kevin Walker perform tonight with his fabulous Oberon!”

“The story of Oberon, King of the Faeries. Shakespeare didn’t tell more than a fraction of it, but Kevin Walker told the whole dramatic life story.”

“…..the great Kevin Walker at his masterly best.”
“It really was special. So glad that I was able to see Kevin’s performance, it was spellbinding, just as a tale of the faerie folk should be.”
“A lovely evening from the young master.”

“What a special night at Liskeard Storytelling Cafe tonight. We were privileged to be among the first audiences for Kevin Walker’s new show “Shadows and Light” – the story of Oberon, King of Faerie. Little known tales of Oberon’s origins were interwoven with song. Echoes of familiar were plaited with the strange and wonderful as we moved from Greek Isles to France, from Heaven to Hell with angels, faerie and the pure of heart. Characters we thought we were familiar with turned out to be quite the opposite. And through it all we were in the physical presence of Oberon.

 If you’re tantalized, then so you should be.

A magical evening.

 Many many thanks Kevin.”

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience you shared with your audience at Kelmarsh Hall on Wednesday 14th and 21st August……. As I told you on the first day, I took my Kindle along to read, envisioning Daniel sitting happily at the front and me keeping out of the way at the back. Not a chance- the Kindle stayed in my bag and I enjoyed it as much as Daniel.”
Pauline Goodman. A fond Grandma!
“You were magnificent in your roles at our event. Everyone I spoke to (staff and the public) were full of praise for your portrayals.”
Red House Museum, Gomersal

Museum and library storytelling sessions

“Kevin is the Swiss Army Knife of the museum world.”
Oakwell Hall and Country Park, Birstal

“I had the best time a girl could have, and so did my friends”
Molly, aged 8, Kirkless School

Museum and library storytelling sessions

“Thank you for all the wonderful work you did at Red House for our 150th Anniversary Celebrations of the novel Shirley… we were very impressed with your story telling sessions for our Children’s Activities. I think you managed the daunting task of getting children interested in Shirley really well.”
Red House Museum, Gomersal

Museum and library storytelling sessions

“Working on dramatic and story-telling roles at Clarke Hall provided for all concerned a wonderful experience. Teachers and pupils alike were captivated and enthused.”
Clarke Hall Ed . Museum, Wakefield

“I watched as the children listened to him in total belief… Kevin obviously enjoys the interaction with the children who see him as the person he claims to be.”
Quality Times – Kirklees in-house magazine

Kevin Walker Storyteller