Have you ever spotted a small but dirty window, high up in a house wall and wondered what may be behind it?

Or an ornate, porticoed doorway with a huge door knocker and thought “I wonder who would answer the door if I knocked?”

Or come across a ruined monastery with fragments of tracery window and tried to imagine the faces over the generations that had looked up at it?

Or an ivy covered door in a walled garden and thought about the “Secret Garden”?

Kevin Walker StorytellerKevin Walker is a storyteller who will help you peer through those windows or dare you to open and then enter through those doors.

By creating atmosphere, developing characters and using great stories, many supported by songs, music, and artefacts, Kevin creates very special experiences for groups and audiences of all ages.

In schools he has enthralled children and students of all ages with tales to delight and inform making a lasting impact on their learning.

He has performed at festivals, clubs and weddings around Europe and designed and delivered workshops and training with teachers and parents.

Kevin Walker Storyteller
As a story teller, role player and interpreter, he has worked in museums and historic sites bringing alive historic and literary incidents, characters and periods in time. Much of his work has involved the research of story lines and stories for specific sites.

Kevin has 20 years in teaching and is an experienced actor with local theatre, radio and TV credits. Kevin lives in Central France and is available for suitable bookings through out the UK, Europe and the world.

He has been a professional storyteller since 1999.

Kevin can be contacted on by email at storyteller125@hotmail.com