Queer Folk Tales


The Front cover…..designed by Alison Merry

A published collection of 15 stories for grown-ups.

Publisher…The History Press.

Queer Folk Tales is a collection of stories that feature leading characters from the LBGT+ community. The collection includes a refreshing range of traditional stories, fairy stories, re-imagined stories and original modern stories that affirm the presence of queer folk in both the oral and written traditions. Set in either traditional folk settings or in our very modern world: whimsical, scary and thought-provoking, they introduce characters that are romantic, mad, bad or sad but always authentic.

” A wonderful eclectic mix of short stories, each carrying its own message from a different time and place, leaving one’s imagination to absorb and enjoy them. Loved the personal introductions to the stories and how some of the stories left it up to the reader to form their own conclusions. My favourites are The Architect, The Selkie and The Watch. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear the author tell some of his many stories, and this book serves to consolidate his true artistic achievements as a storyteller and a writer. Already looking forward to his next book! Julie Astill ***** “

” Absolutely wonderful! Storytelling is an art – and the best storytellers draw you into their world and you feel like you’re drinking every word up! That’s exactly how this book makes me feel! Kick of your shoes, lift your head up to the sun and lose yourself in this tapestry of beautiful stories! Thank you Kevin Walker! Daniel Binns ***** “

“This book is excellent – some really heart warming stories (including context from the author for some of them which was really interesting). I read them all in one sitting, highly recommend for anyone who enjoys fairy tales, short stories, and/or excellent LGBTQIA+ representation. Siobhan M ***** “

Kevin can offer readings from the book or a storytelling performance of some of the stories.

Please contact him if you are interested in getting involved with this publication.

He also has several workshops for adults or young people based on the book.